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Why Globalizer?

If you want to internationalise your curriculum, and create global projects for your students, you need a platform to find partners. Globalizer allows educators to connect so their students can collaborate globally.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate online global teaching and projects between academics worldwide. Research shows students engage more when they collaborate with others internationally . Read more

How it works

Just like the dating app Tinder, you can swipe through projects and select the one you want to get involved with

Case studies

Teaching Psychology

“In 2022, the School of Computer Science at Leeds Trinity University contend a virtual mobility international programme with Universit Technologi Mara (UiTM) – Malaysia. The programme aimed to bring together lecturers and students from the two educational institutions to share knowledge, research ideas, job opportunities, and experiences in various collaborations at an international level. This virtual mobility programme involved two categories: inbound and outbound. Inbound refers to when students from Leeds Trinity University shared their expertise and participated in an appropriate knowledge-sharing and discussion programme on the latest technology development, employment opportunities and current trends. Outbound refers to when students from UiTM participated back in knowledge-sharing sessions and discussions. As a result, 4 separate programme sessions have been delivered, lasting for four days of knowledge and research exchange activities. “

International TV News Programmes

Leeds Trinity University journalism students have worked with dozens of universities globally producing news programmes for Global News Relay and Global Campus Studio, most recently on Mind Matters” (2022) and “And the Good News Is…” (2022)

Coaching Sport

Leeds Trinity University students collaborated with those in South Africa to develop teaching and coaching resources in the KwaZulu-Natal region. Students from both countries used their theoretical and practical knowledge within a real world setting to develop their leadership and communication skills.

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